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Left Handed Guitars for Sale, UK

Hi, I'm Jonsey and I supply left-handed guitars that rock.

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Are you having trouble searching far and wide for that perfect left handed guitar? Have you been looking but failed to find one that fits just right and caters to your left handed needs of comfort and performance ability? When you look to buy left-handed guitars, does it feel like there's never anything decent to choose from? That's what I thought.


You may be familiar with the term ‘lefty’ this describes an individual that considers their left hand to be most dominant when playing a guitar. For many years lefties didn’t have a choice but to play right-handed guitars or they had to play upside down to accommodate their left handed needs.


At Left for Dead, UK we understand that when it comes to playing your guitar you shouldn’t have to compromise. We believe that every individual should be assisted with the right design model to make it easier for you to play.


We share your passion for guitars and offer a carefully selected, specialist range of left handed guitars including acoustic, electric, electric acoustic guitars. We offer quality and affordability within our lefties and advise based on personal requirements and individual needs. Similarly, we offer exclusive and vintage left handed guitars for anyone who want something a little bit more special.


Additional to selling our lefties, we also offer a ‘sell your guitar’ service. Regardless of the condition of your electric, acoustic or bass guitars we are open to buying a range of designs and models from you. Perhaps you wish to sell an old guitar to invest in a new guitar. Simply send a selection of images and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


We deliver nationally within the UK and internationally throughout US, Italy and France. Take a look at our online range and contact today to arrange a viewing to trial and test before you buy. I’d be happy help you in your journey to finding the perfect lefty.




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