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This is the ultimate vintage tremolo pedal. With so many great benefits, it has the warmest and biggest vintage tremolo sound you've ever heard!
- Square – Sine – Triangle waveform selector toggle-switch.

- 4 control knobs for Level, Depth, Speed 1, Speed 2.

- Foot-switch to select between Speed 1 / Speed 2.

- Foot-switch for the CHOP effect ! (the DEPTH does not work when the CHOP effect is engaged. This is perfectly normal – just give a quick listen to the CHOP effect in action and you’ll understand why!)

- Expression pedal input jack to control Speed 2*.

- Expression pedal input jack to control depth (the Depth control on the pedal sets the maximum depth for the travel of the expression pedal)*.

- Internal trimmer to adjust the Speed 2 levelInternal trimmer to adjust the CHOP effect level.

- The Big Chill could also be used as a clean boost! Just set the Depth control to zero, and adjust the Level to your preference. 


*Contact me for more information about expression pedals. 



Big Chill Tremolo pedal - Jam Pedals

    • True-Bypass
    • Controls : Level , Depth, Speed 1, Speed 2, Square/Sine/Triangle toggle switch, CHOP fx footswitch
    • Internal trimmer to adjust the level of the CHOP effect.
    • Internal trimmer to adjust Speed 2 Level.
    • Works with a 9V battery or 9V boss-type DC adaptor (tip-negative)
    • Uses 15mA of power when ON
    • Dimensions : 120 x 94 x 30 mm
    • Weight : 0,35 kg  /  0,8 lb
  • The Big Chill can also be used with bass guitars. 

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