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The Delay Llama series is  designed with one thing in mind : Tape-Echo !

fully analog, true-bypass, lo-fi delay pedal with a maximum delay time of 600ms. It features BBD analog chips, faithful reproductions of the Panasonic MN3205.
Give your repeats a great vintage analog tone !
The Delay Llama also features a blue rectangular internal trimmer, to help you adjust the amount of maximum repeats.

The Delay Llama can also be used with bass guitars

Delay Llama+ JAM pedals

    • True-Bypass
    • Controls : Delay Level , Delay Time, Repeats, internal trimmer which adjusts the amount of maximum repeats.
    • Works with 9V boss-type DC adaptor (negative tip) – not included
    • Uses 30mA of power when ON
    • Dimensions : 120 x 94 x 30 mm
    • Weight : 0,35 kg  /  0,8 lb
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