Left for Dead has this gorgeous and very rare Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul Standard 1958 2003 Limited Brazilian R8, available for sale. Gibson is never going to do any more Brazilian Les Pauls, so it's a real gem!
This guitar was owned by a collector who had to liquidate several Brazilian Reissues. These guitars are getting almost impossible to get hold of (especially lefties, as there were only a couple made).

This guitar is in first class condition, I cannot find any obvious marks on it. The top is perfect and I don’t believe it has been played. It looks like it has been kept in the case, in a humidified guitar room.
Having a little play myself, this guitar has an awesome vibe! It makes you want to plug it in and get carried away by the sweet sounds. With a versatile and rich sound it's a truly great find and includes the original Gibson Custom Historic hard case, Special 2003.

Gibson Les Paul 2003 Brazilian Historic 1958

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  • This model is a left handed electric guitar - an original lefty.