The Ormsby Guitars TX GTR is our modern take on the classic 'tele' style guitar that's designed to meet the needs of modern and traditional guitarists alike.
Using an easy access bolt-on neck construction, the TX GTR gives the player full control over its 29 stainless steel frets, and a beautifully balanced D shape with round shoulders provides just the right feel and 'meat' to the neck. Like its sibling the SX, the TX features a balanced forearm bevel and belly carve so it sits just right in any position.
As with all our GTR models, the TX GTR utilises our custom wound pickups to produce a variety of tones that allow your guitar, effects, and amp to function in unison and retain their individual characteristics. This guitar can go from the cleanest cleans to the heaviest of metals (or djents!) with plenty of tones in between thanks to its coil-splitting options.
What makes the TX GTR more unique than just about any other tele before it is the integration of our Multiscale design that was developed from the ground up over 10 years ago. Simply put, it improves the tonality, ergonomics, and overall playing experience of the guitar (read more here). Every TX GTR uses our custom hardware we designed in conjunction with Hipshot Products USA to meet our high demands in quality, including our unique multiscale bridge, locking tuners and O-Ring controls. Also included with every GTR model is a fitted and embossed hard case so your guitar is always safe.


Ormsby TX 7 String in Azure Blue