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As a lefty guitar supplier, my website caters for all left-handed guitar players – male, female, beginners and the more experienced, mature player. But what’s interesting is that since I started Left for Dead it’s been noticeable that I’ve had a predominantly male audience interested in my guitars. Of course there are just as many left-handed women out there who play the guitar, and if men thought the choice of lefties was limited for them, for women it’s even more so.

Famous lady lefties in music history Barbara Lynn who had her own hits as well as touring with the likes of Gladys Knight, Stevie Wonder, Smokey Robinson and Marvin Gaye played left-handed. Likewise, Malina Moye, a fiery performer whose unique blend of rock’n’roll, blues and soul has people calling her the female Jimi Hendrix. And much like Jimi, Malina as a left-handed also plays her Fender Strat upside down!

Elizabeth Cotton, an American Blues and Folk musician born in the 19th century was one of the most influential guitarists to come through the roots music revival era. Often known as the female equivalent of Robert Johnson, she is a lefty who taught herself to play her brother’s right-handed banjo upside down, playing the bass strings with her fingers and melody with her thumb. This unique style of finger picking along with her alternating bass style, came to be known as ‘Cotton picking’ and would go on to influence generations of guitar players for decades to come.

Is there enough choice for female lefties? Now, I like a bit of honesty and I can say that I have received quite a few messages from females but they are mostly enquiries, asking whether I would be interested to buy their partner’s guitars! No, seriously – it has had me thinking lately whether there really is a need for female left-handed guitarists to find excellent, high quality instruments to play with. As far as I can see, the supply for women is just as limited, if not more than it is for men. Of course, there’s nothing to stop left-handed women picking up a Doozy or a Fender Strat to jam with – but sometimes women want something a little different, something a little more feminine in style or even a little smaller in size for easier reach and play.

Introducing Luna Guitars models I have recently added a selection of exquisite left-handed acoustic-electric models from Luna Guitars, that have real appeal for lefty ladies.

Pictured - Luna Guitars Fauna Dolphin lefty – Trans Blue quilted maple The Luna Fauna Dolphin is a remarkable acoustic-electric guitar featuring three stunning inlaid abalone and mother-of-pearl dolphins adorning the sound hole, against a trans-azure finish over quilted maple waves.

Highlighted by striking, crisp tone, the Fauna Dolphin features an onboard digital tuner/preamp for quick tuning and amplification flexibility.

Pictured - Luna Guitars Fauna Phoenix lefty - Black The phoenix, a symbol of rebirth representing beauty, power, vision and inspiration is perfectly captured in Luna’s Phoenix acoustic-electric guitar. The stunning, soaring bird is created in abalone against a powerful black lacquer-look finish of the cutaway folk style lefty instrument. Constructed of select spruce and mahogany, this left-handed guitar delivers a sound that's as rich and freeing as the creature that inspired the design.

Pictured - Luna Guitars Henna Oasis lefty - Spruce

Featuring fantastic henna design by UK henna artist Alex Morgan inspired by the artwork of the Ottoman world, the Oasis guitar transports players to a magical world of visual and auditory delights.

Luna's state-of-the-art laser etching technology has precisely "tattooed" Alex's intricate design onto a spruce top. The acoustic-electric left-handed guitar is built on a folk body design, and with a slightly smaller body type, it is great for musicians of a smaller build, or those who prefer playing a smaller-sized guitar.

Pictured - Luna Guitars Floral Lotus – trans Shiraz

With a fantastic full sound thanks to the instrument’s grand auditorium cutaway body design and the versatility offered by its onboard Fishman Isys+ preamp, this left-handed acoustic-electric guitar has a graceful, elegant design finish. The guitar's unique sound hole takes its shape from the outline of the pristine white flower floating majestically on a background of deep plum.

Shop all the Luna Guitars left-handed acoustic-electric guitars here. Are you a lefty lady or know of one? If you’re a woman reading this and play guitar left-handed, or if you know someone that is (of course share this article with them), then get in touch and let me know any frustrations about the choice of lefties available.

And if there is a make, model, style or shape of lefty guitar that you really want to buy – let me know and maybe I can help you find it. You can also sign up to our mailing list to be kept informed of new lefty guitar models as they come available – for men and women!

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